We bought a 50 year old bungalow in Dublin! // EMPTY HOUSE TOUR 2022 (*before* renovations)

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We bought a 50 year old bungalow in Dublin! After years of studying and working and renting and saving and we're SO HAPPY! Pre-renovation empty HOUSE TOUR! Thumbs up if you'd like to see reno content!

00:00 intro!
02:40 our 'style' (hobbit hole meets Gryffindor common room meets Jane Austen meets 'dark academia' vibes!)
03:11 dad is building a GRANDAD PAD
03:28 front hall
04:23 living/dining area & fireplace chat!
07:04 CCTV
07:39 conservatory & flower friends
08:56 patio
09:12 kitchen/utility
10:57 hallway/loft chat
11:29 the blue bathroom of lilies haha
11:58 office
12:30 kids room
13:02 master bedroom / walk-in wardrobe / ensuite 1
13:55 guest bedroom / ensuite (will be dad's room for a bit!)
15:37 garden plans
17:13 outro

***note*** if for any reason you recognise where I live (if you knew the original owners or if you saw the place while looking for a home, for example), PLEASE don't dox me. It's essentially illegal here as of last year. Respect Coco's Law, and my right to privacy. I've not shared the town I live in or the outside of our (very private and CCTV protected) front garden for a reason. Sharing my life is my job and my home is where I work it's basically a YouTuber's 'studio'. Like many others in my industry at this stage of life, I'm excited to share home making content and that kind of thing, but NO information I share - or have shared - about our new home, reveals where it actually is. Report any comments here or on Instagram if there's ever one with my address before I've had a chance to see it myself, please - and do the same for anyone else you watch online, if you ever see such harassment! Never tolerate doxxing! x

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If you leave a comment, let us know what you think about opening up the fireplace (or leaving as is and just sticking in a wood burner!)
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