Most Popular INTERIOR DESIGN STYLES EXPLAINED | How To Find Your Decorating Style in 2020!

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Have you ever wondered, "What is my interior design style?" Let's break down the most popular interior design styles so you can find your decorating style and create your beautiful and functional home! In this video, I explain the most popular design styles from mid century modern, to modern farmhouse, to Scandinavian design so that you can learn what your style is and find the right decor that is going to work harmoniously in your space. I hope this video helps you understand the top 10 most popular design styles and inspires you to create your beautiful home.

Now this list is by no means exhaustive! There are lots of interior styles out there and this list just explores the most popular ones. You might love Gothic design, Mediterranean design, French country design - it's up to you! I encourage you to explore more and have fun with it!

Also, it's totally ok to love more than one style - I know I do! There are definitely ways that these styles overlap and have a lot in common. In a future video I will go over tips on how to blend interior design styles so achieve a signature look, that's all your own! Also I will be planning a series on all of the styles discussed!

⏱ Timestamps - skip to your favourite style in the video!
00:00 - Intro to Interior Design Styles
00:37 - Traditional Design
01:25 - Modern Farmhouse
02:29 - Boho (Bohemian)
03:11 - Industrial Design
03:54 - Minimalist
05:34 - Scandinavian Design
06:03 - Mid Century Modern
07:13 - Coastal Design
07:51 - Glam Design
08:40 - Zen (Japanese Zen Design)
09:28 - Parting words of wisdom!
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