Inside a Family's Forever Home Made of Recycled Bricks (House Tour)

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Tasked with creating a family’s forever home, residential design and construction company InForm crafts Rosanna House, a building of contemporary design that encapsulates the essence of 1970s modernism.

Sitting comfortably at the highest point of a sloping site, Rosanna House is neighboured by 1970s modernist structures. Part of the design brief given to InForm stipulated that the family’s forever home should reflect the character of the built environment, in order to become a seamless addition to the constructed landscape.

As the family’s forever home, Rosanna House aptly showcases the clients’ love of modernism with its architecture. The façade is comprised of materials such as locally-sourced reclaimed and recycled brickwork, white weatherboards and exposed timber pergolas, referencing the local architecture.

The family’s forever home is also purposefully oriented to maximise northern light. Rosanna House is organised around a central courtyard with a covered entertaining area sitting to the north of the property. Large sliding doors establish a strong connection between the house and its natural, external counterpart.

InForm’s execution of a clever, client-oriented design sees Rosanna House emerge as a family’s forever home. The architecture of the open-plan, highly functional house successfully captures the spirit of the modernist design movement.

00:00 - Introduction to the Family's Forever Home
00:35 - The Brief
01:12 - Choosing the Right Architect
02:02 - Entering the Home
02:29 - The Central Courtyard
03:24 - Connection to the Outdoors
03:48 - Selecting the Recycled Brick
04:37 - What the Architect and Interior Designer are Most Proud Of

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Design by InForm.
Build by InForm.
Photography by Derek Swalwell.
Styling by Bek Sheppard.
Client Rebecca Pountney Design.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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