8 of my ALL TIME BEST Interior Home Design Tips on Achieving The Luxe Look for Less! (Budget)

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Money doesn't buy style. That's the truth. We've all seen the multi-millionaire dollar celebrity homes that simply don't look good. So what are the elements that help create the perfect home? Well, I'm sharing them all with you in today's video! These are some interior design tips and tricks that, if followed, are guaranteed to help you craft a space that feels like home AND looks good without breaking your budget because we ALL have a budget.

I always talk about items that you can purchase to achieve the luxe look for less, but today I tell you want to DO to achieve the luxe look for less. Going to HomeGoods and doing tons of shopping is not THE most important step by any means, even if it is the most enjoyable.

To make my point today, we create a mood board together to show just how powerful these tips are. I'm a visual person and I figure that you are too, so hopefully you enjoy this method of presenting information! If you do, be sure to let me know down in the description box!

Check out the @NextJeneration Youtube channel! They did the awesome baking soda hack on some vases, which looks fantastic!


00:00 Intro
00:32 Decorating
04:08 Rugs
05:23 Invest Wisely
08:05 The Rule of 3s
09:20 Cohesion via Art
11:33 Lighting
14:21 Re-use
15:53 High End Stores


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