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do you feel like the vibe in your room is just kind of off? then maybe you make some of these mistakes! here are my 5 interior design mistakes almost everyone makes (at least if you ask me). are you guilty of any of these mistakes?

do you have any interior design hacks, tips, or tricks? share in the comments!

i talk about:
- the biggest mistakes we make
- buying everything at once
- creating a home takes time
- the bare essentials – scandinavian style
- why you should take your time
- getting to know a space
- how to save money in the long run – budget shopping
- why i don't have artwork on the walls
- keeping things in a constant state of mini flux
- nordic decor & design
- the beauty of walls
- visual clutter
- overly detailed ceilings
- dark colours = heavy
- light colours = light
- cave people vs prairie people
- cosy spaces vs. open spaces
- minimalism vs maximalism
- embracing our own style
- why avoid trends?
- thought through design
- why i like a calm interior space

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